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Me Not everybody understands the concept of why staging a house, helps sell a house. When you look online for the first time at a property, in 3 seconds you have made up our mind if you want to view the property.
As you walk through the door it is the same.
So, if you are selling your home you want those three seconds to count.
You want the WOW factor from the moment prospective buyers open your front door or view the photos online. We all have areas of expertise, our circle of genius that we are good at, Staging is ours. Our job is to make your house No1 in your area.
The real estate market in the Perth metropolitan and regional areas is slow at the moment so this is more of a reason to stage your property.

Sale times have blown out and it is taking even longer to sell houses than before.
You have to separate your home from similar houses in the same suburb.
Staging is one factor how you overcome this, your property must also be priced and marketed well to make it all come together. Many people when viewing an empty house are not able to visualise how their furniture will fit, if the rooms are big enough, or even if the house has that wow factor they are looking for.

When you add furniture, you set the stage. Our aim when we dress a house is to not only make it look good, but make it feel comfortable and inviting, somewhere you would want to stay and spend time.
The longer the open home attendees stay viewing the home, the more opportunity the Real Estate Representative has of selling to them all the features of your property and why they would want to buy this home. Make Me Pop point of difference is that our styling cue are often bold and individual, something almost never seen with our competitors.